When parents age, families are often thrown into
emotional, financial,
intellectual and even legal turmoil.

These are but a few of the challenges that demand wise, decisive and intelligent action.
Without it, your situation could become overwhelming.


That’s why Barbara Newman Mannix founded

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Our professional services firm serves as the bridge across the multigenerational divide.
The professionals at A Dignified Life will help you navigate the complexities of our
challenging times, relieving you of the conflicts and confusion that come from managing
your loved ones lives. We address the situation in a compassionate yet business-minded
manner, to resolve the key issues so that all family members can move on to an efficient
and mutually satisfactory course of action.



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Our purpose is to connect you with the appropriate professionals and services,
without the time consuming process of researching these service providers yourself.

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What We Do

The company helps individuals and families navigate a plethora of crises and problems, evaluate all of their options and determine the optimal solutions.  From home health care assistance, legal planning, downsizing to defusing emotional gridlock – all issues with which families struggle with – A Dignified Life offers both in-person and virtual consultations to help families make the hard decisions and implement an action plan. The team then connects families to carefully selected social service professionals, attorneys and benefits specialists, overseeing the professionals as they tailor a resolution.  We do not give lists.  We walk the path and manage the task to its completed success.
Families have turned to A Dignified Life to arrange care for loved ones with Alzheimer’s disease and dementia, assess safety and living environments, apply for Medicaid as well as many other tumultuous and personal situations, including end-of-life care.

How We Work

Our team understands the feelings of uncertainty that come with seeking this type of help.  We eliminate your confusion during the assessment and consultation process by evaluating what services will suit your specific needs.   Together, we address the best way to organize the priorities that are directly related to achieving your goals.  We come to your home.

Our purpose is to be effective problem solvers.  We connect you with the appropriate professionals and services, managing them on your behalf, and without the time consuming process of researching them yourself.  

We will also oversee the process and act as an intermediary. You can trust in A Dignified Life LLC because we make certain that you are met with the most appropriate solutions in a timely and professional manner.  We are your advocate in every way.


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