A Second Chance At A Camelot Life

A painful loss inspired me to help families in crisis
A painful loss inspired me to help families in crisis

By More.com | Celebrating women 40+

I had a Camelot life. I enjoyed rapid ascension in a great career in retail at Macy’s, found a deep and sustained love in my soul mate early on, gave birth to twins at 41 years old, and reveled in the best job in the world: being a mother.

Then tragedy struck. The love of my life was diagnosed with terminal cancer in 2006. And over the ensuing months, as I loved and cared for my husband and watched over my children, we entered the tangled web of hospital red tape and figured out how to effectively maneuver medical, legal, and financial obstacles.

Throughout these extremely trying times, what was so devastating was seeing so many people in similar distress. All those hospital visits and stark waiting rooms filled with people in pain stayed with me. And it was through this tragedy that I found my calling.

I wanted to help all those people in crisis – whether by connecting them to viable experts in the medical, legal, and social services, or simply providing them solace through their challenging circumstances. Simply put, my loss inspired me to launch A Dignified Life, a company that brings all these critical support services under one roof. We connect families in crisis and challenging life transitions to a core of carefully selected experts sensitive to problems of crisis, including geriatric care managers, social workers, attorneys and benefits specialists. By harnessing my newfound strength and my innate abilities, I now help others establish peace of mind when the “what if” in life becomes reality. And in the process, I have grown in ways I never dreamed possible.


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