What if....

A Dignified Life Sample Scenarios:

What if…you’re a single widowed father raising two teenagers alone. Your divorced father, who lives hundreds of miles away in Chicago, has a stroke and needs to move to a nursing home at the same time that your mother is moving to assisted living in Florida. Elderly and frail, your parents have no resources or support. Overwhelmed, you need help, and fast.

What if…your newborn was born with special needs. You planned to return to work after your maternity leave was completed. You planned for in-home nanny care, but don’t know if there are agencies that deal with special needs children? Who’s helping YOU?

What if…you’ve been caring for your elderly parents, one of whom has Parkinson’s disease, and they deeply resent the role reversal of you taking care of them. To add to your burden, you are helping care for your siblings who also have medical issues. Your parents refuse to relinquish control and won’t let you make necessary decisions. Who’s helping YOU?

What if…you’re an 82-year-old cancer patient relocating from the metropolitan area to AZ where your only daughter lives. You need to sell, divest, and move all belongings. You’re still on chemo and have no children or relatives nearby to help.